How To: Tie a Portugese Bowline knot for sailing

Tie a Portugese Bowline knot for sailing

The method demonstrated in this how-to video makes the Bowline knot quick and easy to tie. It is useful when you expect a blow and need to take a few turns around your winch to use as an additional hardpoint. In this case I am simulating a mast winch but the process can be used on a horizontally mounted winch as well. The secret is to form the bowline eye by capsizing an overhand knot. With the standing part in your left hand form a turn around the winch from top to bottom then cross the running end over the standing part to form an overhand knot. Then pull the running end parallel to the standing part to capsize the knot and form the eye of the bowline. Then pass the running end behind the standing part and back through the eye to finish the knot. The difference is that this version of the Portugese Bowline is tied in the middle of the rope and has a double turn. The result is a knot that can take more weight than a single line. As an added safety factor you can pass the running end over the winch to prevent the possibility of the knot coming untied. Watch this video sailing tutorial and learn how to tie the Portugese Bowline knot.

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